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We have a range of buss, so somthing will be prefectly fit your trip.

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Welcome to this short introduction to Lead Packer & Mover. With our years of experience and dedication in assisting our customers, Lead Packers and Movers will provide you with excellent support and guidance.
Experienced in cargo insurance for trading companies, exporters and importers, our risk management professionals will work to ensure all your coverage needs are met.
As a leading global logistics company, we offer a single-source complete risk management solution.

Passionate Service

Our Road Freight management teams seek to understand your objectives and create solutions that deliver. We combine simple, standardized Road Freight products with a host of customizable options to achieve the ideal balance of lead-time, capacity, frequency and cost.
Whether it means providing same day delivery or hauling hazardous cargo.
Lead Packers and Movers' road fright specialists, know the key to a successful supply chain is a committed relationship with our customer.

Benefits of Customers

Road transport is a very popular mode of transport used by suppliers and businesses to deliver orders. Many transport companies provide scheduled delivery days and next day delivery services, depending upon your needs.

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Make your Packing a Wonderful Experience

Preparation of product or commodity for proper storage and/or transportation. It may entail blocking, bracing, cushioning, marking, sealing, strapping, weather proofing, wrapping, etc.


Say Lead Packers and Movers deliveries with Road Cargo Service. We ensure your consignments move with the shortest acceptance cut-off time at origin, and highest loading and delivery priority at your chosen destination.

Clearing and Forwarding

Essentially takes care of the customs clearance aspect of the business. It is a company accredited with the local customs authorities, border agencies, port etc. It arranges to pass the relevant documents at customs.

Ware Housing
Ware Housing

We offer our customers modern, spacious and secure warehousing options at our hub to meet their unique needs. Our facilities include cold rooms as well as a general warehouses.

Safe Delivery
100% Safe Delivery

Safe delivery means proper control of the risks to delivery the product to customer by 100% safely.

Weather Insurance

Weather insurance is used to insure an expensive event that could be ruined by bad weather.

Fast OnTime
Fast & On Time

A business to fulfill shipping orders or other transactions within the period of time promised to a client or customer.


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Our move coordinator will assist you in the process.

Items can get damaged due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents in the moving process.

Provide documents like transfer letter or joining letter and copy of RC book for your vehicle moving.

We recommend not to transport your plants as they die in the process. However if you insist we will.

We own a fleet of covered vehicles.

Normally, we can complete the packing for each truck load in two days.

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